Our circular model can be divided into 4 goals
  1. Flattening resources consumption
  2. Only use of compostable materials
  3. Exclusive production of long lasting garments
  4. Repurposing waste materials

 How much of the environment do we consume to make one of our Hoodies? 


To make one of our hoodies we are responsible for the emission of 8,4 kg of CO2. 

This is the total amount of CO2 emission we're responsible for the following.

How are we going to achieve our carbon negative goal? 

 We know that 10 hemp trees are able to absorb 10,2 kg of CO2.

To produce one hoodie 8,4 kg of CO2 are consumed. To be carbon negative we are implementing  a decentralized 

“Farm project".

How does it work?

At Banuia, we’re going to farm the amount of acres of land necessary

to reach our carbon negative goal, which means

we’re going to plant 10 hemp trees for each hoodie manufactured .

The starting point of this adventure will take place in Sicily.

 Your enthusiasm and will for a change

will be most beneficial to this call to action. This  initiative is partly based on private individuals volunteering to help us plant

as many hemp trees as the number of  sold hoodies  calls for. 


How and when can you to take part?

You will be able to get directly involved in this project by simply keeping a close eye on our social pages and  finding out about our upcoming events.


The plantation will start in 2022. 

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about" 

Margaret J. Wheatley


Our natural fibres are the true actors in our mission to safeguard our oceans with water stewardship qualities.

Plastic-derived clothes washing releases 500,000 tons of microfiber into the ocean annually, natural fibers simply relies nothing.

Join in our mission to stop that !

The impact of plastic based clothes on the environment is urging you to opt out  and make better choices. Natural fibers are a real and available alternative, 

it's time to re-discover & re-implement them so that together we can create smarter ways to re-shape the clothing industry. 

Act wisely, consume smartly, consider alternatives and make sure You wear the Future.