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 Federico Pinto Schmid


Federico Pinto Schmid (b. 1988), known as DiPinto was born in Tuscany, Italy.  DiPinto grew up between Porto Ercole in Italy and Eschenlohe in Germany.  He was surrounded by art since he was very young. DiPinto spent a lot of time in his father’s house and studio, the sculptor and painter Mario Alexander Schmid. His father’s home was very peculiar, surrounded by nature and colors.

DiPinto is a self-taught painter. His artistic research is mainly influenced by abstract expressionism, Italian Informalism and childhood memories.      

“The most remote memory dates back to when I was 7-8 years old. I was at school and, quite often, instead of listening to my teachers I was deeply engaged in my abstract drawings made by pen at that time.  I remember asking myself: will I ever be able to put together in a harmonically way curved shapes with straight ones?  This and other early questions have contributed in so many ways to my current research.  That is my drive to work continuously in the exploration of colors and shapes.”


DiPinto keeps living and working in two very diverse places: Italy and Switzerland. He primarily paints instinctively, starting from chaotic scenarios, then working on the composition to obtain harmony and balance between shapes and colors. His creations are a balanced synthesis between well established experience and the constant research for novelty.  Applying different techniques, the artist creates harmonious but strong, energetic compositions.  


Despite the young age, DiPinto has participated in various important exhibitions in Europe. In 2018 he was awarded the “1st Prize Stendardi d’autore” in Painting. Also in 2018 he completed the artistic residences “Arte in Viaggio” in Grosseto and “Artbahnof Milano” in Milano, both in Italy.  His artworks can be found in private collections all over the world: Switzerland, Singapore, California, Bahrain, New York, Luxembourg, Italy, among others. 





Özlem was born in Istanbul, and although interested in art from a very early age, she obtained an undergraduate degree in biology and completed her master’s degree in botany with a thesis on the subject of ‘Exotic Plants and Their Usage in Industrial Design’.

Influenced by some of the great artists such as Mondrian, Miro and Kandinsky, she began creating large scale acrylic pieces, using vibrant colours.  Her background in biology and organic structures gives her a strong influence on her work which helps her  merging intellectual concepts with visual ideas, using bold colours to express feelings, and mixing real and imagined organic structures with one another. This creates the impression of dream-like world, a vivid explosion of nature meeting fantasy. Visit her website for more info at


Maria Vasileva

She  is a Traditional Bulgarian Artist and Designer based in London, UK. She participated in many exhibitions in Bulgaria and she won First place in The National Art Competition The Water Source of Life in 2013. Recently her love for art overcome her passion for graphic design and she decided to start painting again. Her inspiration now is Bob Ross and his "Wet on Wet" style. She works primary in oil on stretched canvas. She believes that art is compulsory in our lives no matter our age and interests. for more info you visit her website


Anke Ryba 


When dots turn into lines and lines define areas: in her work, artist Anke Ryba combines surfaces and space to form abstract, unique harmonies able to captivate any viewer. Her colourful, expressive canvases, sometimes partially realistic, are so varied that the viewer does not immediately grasp everything there is to see. Her playful use of sophisticated techniques and the obvious ease with which she develops her themes lend her work an individual character. Nevertheless, continuity determines her work. For more info  about her technique or exhibition you can check her gallery at  Galleryryba1.