About us



We're Giacomo and Filippo, two Italian students who got caught in the #hemprevolution.

Our project began two years ago when Giacomo, founder of BANUIA, wrote his thesis on circular economy. Creating a high-quality, biodegradable product that can be recycled and produced at zero carbon emission has been our goal ever since. To start off we decided to focus on one of the simplest and more widely worn  wear items on the market, "the hoodie".

Hoodies are an essential part of our lives, you put them on when you feel like wearing something cosy and soft, you can sleep in it, run, go out with your friends  and even dream in it. Now this product is super cool and also belongs to the world second larges polluting industry,y fashion.

Hoodies  are mostly made of cotton and polyester. These fabrics are extremely bad for the environment. The polluting effect of plastic-based fabric on our waters has urged us to start looking for alternatives and do something about fashion:  the world’s second largest polluting industry 

Encouraged by today’s persistent will and need to act we’ve  looked around  for natural fabrics and set our mission to create an all-round sustainable hoodie able to last long and produce as little harm as possible to our environmentWe set out making experiments with different fabric combinations and explored a variety of yarns and techniques. We asked our friends and their friends to wear our hoodies and take them out to the most extreme conditions, we asked them to try tear them, fly, run, travel, ski, think, sleep, meditate in  them. They did  and sent us photographs. Since then a lot has happened and we finally figured out  the very fabric which can make our mission come true.

 ( and  helped us  find what we think is our favourite fabric to make our mission come true. )

Hemp is our choice. According to scientific studies, it is the most durable natural textile, it withstands more washes than linen and cotton. Its durability is proven by samples we acquired which dated back to 1800 and 1900. Hemp is naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet light. Due to the porous nature of its fiber, hemp is highly water absorbent so it dyes and retains its colour better than any other  fabric thus  securing a better protection for our waterways.

 Hemp crops require three times less water to grow than cotton. They are naturally resistant to pests, able to tolerate wide variances in climate and soil quality. We want to bring back that hemp hype starting in our own country, Italy, which used to be  the world’s second largest hemp producer up to the 1950s . Starting from a very simple product, respectfully created according to ways we expect to become the standards, we hope to be among the pioneers of the #hemprevolution. 

“We make our hoodie with passion and we treasure  its purpose,

we count on you wearing it and making its value iconic"


Founder: Giacomo Tamburino, Management engineering, Politecnico di Torino 

Founder:  founder Filippo Salom, Global Law and Transnational Legal Studie. Unito.